Joe Bob Briggs Honors Genre Film Icons in Touching Tribute Video

Joe Bob Briggs In Memoriam Video

In a touching tribute video uploaded to Joe Bob Briggs' official YouTube, the drive-in horror critic recounts many of the actors, directors, and other horror luminaries that have left us in the past few years, many without the mainstream attention their passing deserved.

"You know how every year at the Oscars they do an ‘In Memoriam’ for all the people that died that year, and they always leave out all the people we horror fans care about? We’re gonna do our own," Joe Bob begins the video.

Clocking in at just under 4-minutes long, the video sees Briggs honoring those who, like he stated at the beginning of the video, were left out of the most recent Oscars tributes.

The video features such talents as the iconic Sid Haig (House of 1000 Corpses), writer William Goldman (Misery), Jason Voorhees actor Steve Daskewicz (Friday the 13th Part II) and many, many others.

We'd like to thank Joe Bob, Alex Poteet and all of those involved in the creation of this genre film-specific "In Memoriam" video.

May the names in this video never be forgotten.