John Carpenter's 'Halloween', 'Halloween 4' and 'Halloween 5' Hitting Select Drive-In Theaters

If there's any sort of positivity that's come out of this whole pandemic ordeal, it's been the rise of drive-in theaters in recent months, with classics like The Evil Dead and Jaws, and newer indie hits such as The Wretched and The Rental dominating the box office.

We've now learned (via that John Carpenter’s 1978 classic Halloween is also headed back to drive-in theaters this year!

The site reports, CineLife Entertainment has partnered with Trancas International Films and Compass International Pictures in order to "bring Halloween to audiences safely during this time of pandemic." Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 will also return to theaters and drive-ins throughout the Halloween season.

Locations showing John Carpenter’s Halloween this week include include Hummel’s Drive-In in Winchester, Indiana, as well as EVO Entertainment locations in both San Antonio and Austin, Texas on July 31st. Additional drive-ins also showing Halloween include ones in Nashville, Tennessee (Montana Drive-in), Buffalo, New York (Kane Family Drive-in), Hartford and New Haven, Connecticut (Pleasant Valley Drive-in) and Westtown, New York (Warwick Drive-in).

Screenings are expected to expand to additional theaters in the coming weeks.

CineLife Entertainment adds, "This is a restored and remastered digital print, created under the supervision of the world-renowned cinematographer, Dean Cundey."

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