Jon Richter's Haunted Pizzeria Tale 'Slice' to Appear in Puzzle Box Horror's "Atlas of Horror"

Atlas of Horror Jon Richter Slice Puzzle Box Horror

Puzzle Box Horror has partnered with dark fiction writer Jon Richter for a short horror story based on the haunted pizza restaurant Old Town Pizza in NW Portland, OR. Richter who recently just published a crime thriller Rabbit Hole has gone back to his darker side to in his story Slice that he contributed to Puzzle Box Horror's upcoming publication, "Atlas of Horror."

Slice is a story about the renowned ghost of Old Town Pizza named Nina who has been linked to the underground tunnels in Portland known as the Shanghai Tunnels. It is rumored that she was murdered by being pushed down an elevator shaft that lands at the entrance to the famed tunnels. In Richter’s story, she comes back to haunt the proprietors of the pizza joint. 

The first edition of the "Atlas of Lore" contains the haunted lore of Oregon including 5 original ghost stories and the legends behind them. Oregon’s most haunted locations archived and Lovecraft’s Hidden City brought back to life. With beautiful artwork by Felipe Kroll and master storytellers from the US, UK, and Brazil this first edition will delight paranormal horror fans and ghost hunters alike.

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