Joshua Millican's Debut Horror Novel 'Deeper Than Hell' is Available Now

Now available from Encyclopocalypse Publications, the company founded by Saturn and Rondo Award-winning writer/producer Mark Alan Miller (Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut, BOOM! Studios’ Hellraiser comics), Joshua Millican’s debut horror novel, Deeper Than Hell, promises "a visceral, graphic cosmic horror story unlike anything else you’ve seen so far."

Most horror fans know Millican as the former Editor-in-Chief of Dread Central, but Deeper Than Hell reveals a strikingly creative side to the career journalist.

"Deeper Than Hell is my love-letter to the horror genre in all of its manifestations,” Millican explains. "I was inspired by both literature and cinema, facts and fringe sciences, urban legends and creepypasta. The novel is filled with homages and Easter Eggs."

The official synopsis reads...

"Drugs. Delirium. Damnation. When Rock-Bottom is just the beginning, you’re bound to end up Deeper Than Hell. Fever dreams and conspiracy theories collide in an epic nightmare inspired by William S. Burroughs and Clive Barker. Follow a modern-day Dante and Virgil on a vision quest from the streets of Las Vegas, past subterranean cults and feral colonies, past the military facilities at Wonderland, past any semblance of sanity. There’s life underground!"

Mick Garris, "Masters of Horror" creator and director of Stephen King's Sleepwalkers, called calls Deeper Than Hell: "A dark and deeply observed tale of drugs and dementia, starting in a very grounded world of addiction and melting down into a phantasmagoria of beautifully rendered madness... a drug fueled nightmare that feels all too real, and not for the faint of heart!"

Deeper Than Hell received further praise from Hellbound: Hellraiser II screenwriter Pete Atkins, who calls it: "A richly imagined psychotropic mashup of transgressive horror and visionary world-building, leavened with humor and seasoned with gore."

Deeper Than Hell is now available to order in eBook and in paperback on Amazon or wherever books are sold.

After establishing a personal blog in 2011, Millican quickly became one of the genre’s most prolific journalists, contributing to many websites before ultimately landing at Dread Central in 2016. One of the top horror outlets on the planet, Millican served as Editor-in-Chief from 2019 through 2021. His talk show Chronic Horror (sidelined by the pandemic) explored the intersection of horror movie fandom and cannabis culture. Follow him on Twitter at @josh_millican.