KANGA Gives One Last Teaser Of Her New Album With "Ritual City"

As of Friday, March 26th, KANGA’s second studio album You And I Will Never Die is out via Artoffact Records, and while a full review of that record is forthcoming, it’s worth talking about the final single of the album cycle, the hypnotic dark pop number “Ritual City.” With this track, there are four teasers of the record, following the scintillating “Godless,” the fuzzy “Moscow,” and the dark synth goodness of “Home.”

The track blends New Age synths and bright soundscapes with a droning, repetitive drum track which leans heavy into old industrial/EBM music. Of course, you come for the noir pop production but stay for the layers of KANGA’s siren song, her vocal tracks winding around one another to create an impenetrable structure which complements the architecture of the instrumentation. Again, much as some of the previous singles have, it plays off the newer sound that she first explored on the Eternal Daughter EP (review), staving off the sophomore slump handily.

You And I Will Never Die is out now via Artoffact Records. Order it here, and check out the final single “Ritual City” below:


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