Khemmis Release Surprise EP 'More Songs About Death Vol. 1'

Khemmis More Songs About Death Vol. 1

Following the trail mix of a mini-album / EP that was Doomed Heavy Metal, Denver doomers Khemmis have surprised fans with a special two-song EP, More Songs About Death Vol. 1. The double dose of dreary was recorded remotely in May of this year, and features a cover of Misfits song “Skulls,” and an acoustic version of their take on “A Conversation with Death,” an old folk tune which earned the band feature in the opening credits of Supermassive Games’ Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, the first of several cinematic, “choices matter” style of horror games.

Hearing classic horror punk in a doom metal style is an interesting thing to start out, especially when you add in death growls and guitar solos, two things you just don’t hear in much of Misfits’ catalog. Just as they did for their version of Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark,” Khemmis have taken a classic and crafted it in their image. The taboo of covering a legendary act like Misfits may deter some, but those not put off by that prospect will be pleasantly surprised.

The acoustic version of “A Conversation with Death” lives up to the infectious original electric version. Cutting the acapella intro from the first time ‘round, this time sees a few dual guitar leads swapped out for solo leads, dialing back the flash for a more ominous, evocative version of the band’s most widely-consumed, if not most widely known, song.

Stream the two songs and purchase the EP below via Bandcamp: