KILYO Doesn't Want Any Drama in His "Rock Opera"

After the alarm was sounded in his last song “Going Viral,” dark pop siren Kilyo has unleashed another moody, hypnotic track. “Rock Opera” is even more of what we’ve come to expect from the singer, with attention-grabbing vocal harmonies and a persistent trap hi-hat in most of the song.

Starting off with an old-school horror feeling, with a marimba or something similar plinking out the melody, the vocals ease the listener into the show, the dark cabaret that is teased by the single’s royal purple cover. Just as he did with “Submarine,” the enunciation and vocal run on the word “drama” is best summed up by a chef’s kiss. The breakdown is an ebb and flow affair, almost like a guitar solo without the actual guitar.

The song flows, it soars, and it burrows into your mind, leaving you singing various parts to yourself throughout your day, like when you get that one line of a song stuck in your head and are having trouble remembering anything else, even though you loved the song, and…

That one got away from me.

At any rate, stream “Rock Opera” below:


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