KILYO Invites Us To His "Rock Opera" In Glittering New Music Video

Back in the summer, which feels like about seven centuries ago at this rate, dark pop debonair KILYO introduced us to his “Rock Opera,” in all of its harmonious glory. KILYO’s vocals are a dream to listen to, and the flavors of cabaret and trap sprinkled in throughout make for an epic song from moment one to moment done.

Now, the singer has pulled back the curtain on the music video for his summer spectacular, directed by Darrin Faires. The video centers around excess and a flare for the dramatic, as the title would suggest. Featuring drag family members Hunny Tits, and Glitter Tits, we see our songstress wrapped up in himself and unraveling, from motel room sleaze to baton-conducting scenes. It’s a feast for the eyes, just as the track is a joy for the ears.

Watch the gorgeous video for “Rock Opera” below - WARNING to our readers with photosensitivity, as there are flashing lights throughout the video:

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