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Lady Gaga Releases "Stupid Love," New Album 'Chromatica' Due Out In April

Lady Gaga has released her first new solo track in nearly four years, after an extended run in Hollywood that included her award-winning ways in A Star is Born. “Stupid Love” is the first single from the New York native’s album Chromatica, due out April 10 via Streamline/Interscope Records. Said record, Gaga’s sixth, will be her first since the soundtrack for A Star is Born, and her first solo work since Joanne.

The electro-pop sound of the song is right in line with the sound of her breakthrough album Born This Way, indicating a return to the sound from which she previously deviated with 2016’s Joanne. The song is Gaga’s second to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic chart, repeating the effort that 2013’s “Applause” made.

The accompanying music video is textbook Gaga, with vibrant colors, airtight choreography, and several visual cues evoking feelings from her ARTPOP record from 2013. Impressively, the video was shot entirely using the triple camera system of the iPhone 11 Pro.

Watch the video for “Stupid Love” here:


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