Lamb of God Want You to Wake Up With Their New Memento Mori Coffee

But through the hardest hour, below the cruelest sign, I know I'm waking up from this wretched lie…

Of all of the weird rock star passion projects out there, this one might be the one most up my alley. Willie Adler of Lamb of God is very particular about his coffee, to the point where the band’s tour bus has an espresso machine on it for him to noodle around with. On the road in South Africa, with Between the Buried and Me’s Paul Waggoner subbing in for Mark Morton, Adler and Waggoner bonded over their love of java, and half-joked about coming together on a coffee-related project down the line.

Now, thanks to Waggoner’s Nightflyer Roastworks, that dream is a reality, as the band has released Memento Mori coffee. With single-origin beans grown in El Salvador and roasted in Waggoner’s Charlotte, NC-based roastery, the brew is intended as a universal, come as you are blend, regardless of “if you’re a Mr. Coffee person or if you’re a complete weirdo like me,” as Adler says in an interview with Metal Injection on the project.

The Memento Mori blend is available for purchase via