'Little Nightmares II 'Unveils European Collector's Editions and Pre-order Bonuses

We're creeping closer and closer towards the release of Tarsier Studios' sequel to their fantastic 2017 horror puzzle-platformer Little Nightmares, and if you're dying to know more about Little Nightmares II, Tarsier and publisher Bandai Namco have unveiled the goodies European players can get their hands on come launch day!

European versions include a Day One Edition and a Collector's "TV Edition," there are also some pre-order bonuses up for grabs. You'll find more details on each below.

The Day One Edition includes:

  • Access to the Nomes’ secret room – Follow the Nomes to find this special in-game puzzle and unlock the Nomes’ hat as a reward upon completion.

  • Digital mini-soundtrack – Enjoy a selection of five tracks from the Little Nightmare II soundtrack composed by Tobias Lilja.

As for the Collector's Edition (TV Edition), it'll include:

  • Full Game – Blu-ray disc on PS4 and Xbox One, cartridge on Switch, digital Steam code on PC

  • Collector’s TV box

  • Escape diorama – Highly detailed figurine of Mono and Six travelling through the TVs.

  • Little Nightmares II‘s original soundtrack – The full soundtrack on CD and digital download, composed by Tobias Lilja from Tarsier Studios.

  • Artbook – The Art of Little Nightmares II – Dive into the making of Little Nightmares II with this 56-page art book full of sketches, artwork and design decision by the Tarsier Studios art team.

  • Collectible SteelBook

  • Exclusive Little Nightmares II stickers

Little Nightmares II TV Edition also includes the following Digital items:

  • Access to the Nomes’ secret room

  • Digital soundtrack

  • Digital art book

  • Digital wallpapers and avatars

  • Dynamic theme (PS4 version only)

Lastly, if you pre-order and purchase any edition of Little Nightmares II, you'll receive a free digital bonus item, the “Mokujin Mask."

Little Nightmares II will let players take control of Mono, a young boy trapped in a distorted world, who will be accompanied by Six, the protagonist from the first game, who will be computer-controlled. Players will have to bond and work with Six to solve puzzles, discover the world’s grimmest secrets and escape its monstrous inhabitants, such as the horrifying Hunter and the grotesque Teacher.

The game will be available on February 11th, 2021, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Little Nightmares II will also be available later in 2021 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and a free upgrade will be possible for those who already own the title.

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