"Lucifer" Returns from Hell in Netflix's New Season 5 Trailer

Lucifer Season 5 Trailer Netflix

Netflix has today released a new trailer for "Lucifer" ahead of next month's Season 5 premiere. In it, all Hell breaks loose as Lucifer returns from the from the underworld, but looks can be deceiving...

"Lucifer is back and acting...strange. Get ready - this season all your desires will be fulfilled."

In the new season, “Lucifer makes a tumultuous return, Chloe rethinks romance, Ella finally finds a nice guy, and Amenadiel adjusts to the whole fatherhood thing. The stakes are higher than ever. Secrets will be revealed, beloved characters will die, and we’ll finally get an answer to the question, 'will they or won’t they?'"

"Lucifer" Season 5: Part 1 premieres August 21st, eight additional episodes (Part 2) will complete the season at a yet to be announced date.

Netflix recently renewed the series for a sixth and final season.