Splattery Throwback Creature Feature 'Lycanimator' Now Available on VHS

Lycanimator VHS Horror Boobs Wild Eye

Unleashed on DVD by Wild Eye Releasing earlier this year, Sébastien Godin's Lycanimator is a gnarly new creature feature in the tradition of classic late 80's and early 90's splatter flicks, and Horror Boobs has now teamed up with Wild Eye to give the film a limited edition VHS release!

Lycanimator follows a group of friends who go to an abandoned house for a weekend away only to come across a mad scientist with some monster-making goo. When some of that goo turns one of the group into a hungry, lustful beast - well let's just say it spells trouble.

The film stars legendary SOV horror actor Joel D. Wynkoop (Killing Spree, Brainjacked), Cayt Feinics and Briana Wyman, and features effects work by Dustin Mills and Brett Piper.

Head on over to the Horror Boobs store to grab your copy of Lycanimator on VHS for $20.