Mörk Gryning Set The World Ablaze With New Single "Infernal," Announce Four Album Re-Issues

Updated: 4 days ago

With the release of their comeback record Hinsides Vrede just one week away, Swedish black metal veterans Mörk Gryning have bestowed upon their fans the final single from the album, due out on October 23rd via Season of Mist, as well as the opportunity to catch up on the music they’ve put out previously with a host of reissues coming just in time for a heathen holiday.

The final single off of Hinsides Vrede is the ballistic bastion that is “Infernal.” Starting in with blast beats and a breakneck pace, the verse takes a turn into tremolo-pick country quickly. The precision of the guitars and the subtle time signature change partway through the verse is a great touch, before going into an anthemic chorus. All throughout, it’s a furious, fiery track that is sure to sell this record to anyone who may be on the fence up to this point.

Watch the video for “Infernal” below:

Pre-orders for Hinsides Vrede can be found here.

As for the reissues, the band’s first four albums are getting reissued on CD and vinyl just in time for the holiday season. The first two albums, 1995’s Tusen år har gått… and 1997’s Return Fire will be re-released on November 27th (Black Friday for our American readers, how appropriate, amirite?), while albums three and four, Maelstrom Chaos and Pieces of Primal Expressionism will get their day in the sun on December 11th.

Pre-orders for the reissues can be found here.

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