Machine Head Premieres Ominous New Track "My Hands Are Empty" [Video]

This track made H∧vok’s weekly Pick Six last week, if that’s any selling point to you. Which it should be.

Machine Head have blessed us with another glorious song, after their pair of singles “Stop the Bleeding” and “Bulletproof” gave us a pounding soundtrack for this summer’s protests against the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black lives lost at the hands of the police (friendly reminder that Black Lives Matter, it’s a principle, not a social media trend, friends). Continuing their tradition of epic thrash-informed metal is their latest track “My Hands Are Empty.”

This one starts off in epic fashion, with a chant that will get plenty of crowd participation once live, in-person concerts are a thing again. This chant is repeated several times throughout the song, and drives things forward for the first minute of this five a half minute belter. The song is typical fare for Machine fuckin’ Head, with rattling drums, palm-muted verses, and soaring dual guitar melodies that evoke memories of their watershed track “Halo.” It’s an enchanting listen, eerily melodic and head-crushingly heavy all at once.

The band has also released merch to commemorate the single, as well as two versions of the video. The first is the YouTube friendly version, with a second uncensored version on Vimeo. The music is the same in both videos, so take your pick of what visuals you wish to see, and stream “My Hands Are Empty” below!