Maryland Black Metallers Nixil Speak of "Deaths Of Our Own Design," Debut Album Coming in March

While the United States is far from being at the forefront of black metal in most estimations, there are plenty of acts that manage to make things exciting in the supposed most evil genre of music out there. Hailing from the great state of Maryland, Nixil are set to release their debut album All Knots Untied on March 5th, and have released the work’s first single, “Deaths of Our Own Design.”

Layering doom, stoner, and black metal together is no easy feat, even with the help of producers of such as mixer J. Robbins (Clutch, The Sword) and masterer James Plotkin (Sunn O))), Thou, Electric Wizard). Somehow, these guys find a way, and make a six-plus minute track feel like nothing. While each section has its own features, it all strings together into one coherent, sludgy track. Very rarely am I caught off-guard by a genre as trope-ridden as black metal, but this song hit in such a way that I was hooked from the first notes.

Says the band about this maiden single:

"'Deaths Of Our Own Design' is a treatise on the necessity of continuous self-sacrifice of the mundane ego. If one is to advance upon the spiritual path of the undoing of 'All,' one must be ever ready to seek out and slay the perceived 'I,' which is being tenaciously reborn day by day, moment by moment. The video is a moving sigil and descriptive of this gnosis, seeking to inspire those with the eyes to see to draw the knife across the throat of self until there is indeed nothing left to kill..."

Pre-order All Knots Untied here, and see the video for “Deaths of Our Own Design,” as first premiered in New Noise Magazine, below: