Massacre Video Bringing 1989 Horror Anthology 'Night Terror' to DVD with an All-New Transfer

Night Terror DVD

Not to be confused with Tobe Hooper's 1993 horror film Night Terrors, starring Robert Englund, Paul Howard and Michael Weaver's 1989 horror anthology Night Terror is making the jump to DVD for the first time thanks to the folks at Massacre Video.

The company has yet to reveal details on the release, but they did let us know it'll feature an all-new from its original video master.

I feel compelled to cover this, because I admire the work smaller companies like Massacre Video and Bleeding Skull do. If it weren't for companies like this, many films would be lost on VHS and ultimately, the sands of time. Thanks to their efforts, some overlooked and forgotten gems get a second chance at finding a wider audience and longtime fans can finally retire their dusty VHS tapes.

This topic of saving films from oblivion was recently discussed in the '80s horror documentary, In Search of Darkness.

In Night Terror, a man is plagued by recurring nightmares, and when he wakes up he finds that the nightmares he just dreamed of keep coming true.

Check out the cover artwork below and stay tuned for more details!