Mastodon Tease New Compilation Album 'Medium Rarities' with New Track "Fallen Torches"

Prog metal defenders of the faith Mastodon’s last album was Emperor of Sand, which, coupled with the Cold Dark Place EP, was one hell of a statement for the Atlanta faithful. The band’s next LP, however, is going to be a collection of B-sides, rare tracks, and other goodies dubbed Medium Rarities. Recently, we got our first taste of one of the unreleased cuts featured on the collection, “Fallen Torches.”

The song is reminiscent of older, sludgy Mastodon, albeit with some flashes of modern, more classic rock-informed Mastodon. The drumming is top-notch, and the riffing is damn heavy, with bits of tremolo picking and dissonant chords throughout. It’s frankly one of the most fun Mastodon tracks to listen to.

Check out the visualizer video below:

Medium Rarities is due out on September 11th on Reprise Records, and the band has released the track listing through their website:

Medium Rarities Tracklisting:

1. Fallen Torches (Previously Unreleased)

2. A Commotion (Feist Cover)

3. Asleep in the Deep (Instrumental version)

4. Capillarian Crest (Live)

5. A Spoonful Weighs A Ton (The Flaming Lips Cover)

6. Toe To Toes (Instrumental version)

7. Circle of Cysquatch (Live)

8. Atlanta (Butthole Surfers Cover)

9. Jaguar God (Instrumental)

10. Cut You Up With A Linoleum Life (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)

11. Blood & Thunder (Live)

12. White Walker (from Game of Thrones mix tape)

13. Halloween (Instrumental version)

14. Crystal Skull (Live)

15. Orion (Metallica Cover)

16. Iron Tusk (Live)