Mayhem's Attila Csihar Launches CBD Oil Line; Limited Edition 'Life Eternal' EP Picture Disc Out Now

Did anyone have Mayhem CBD oil on their bingo card for 2020? No? Well, me neither...

Mayhem frontman and long-time marijuana smoker, Attila Csihar, noticed the positive effects of CBD oil during the onset of the global pandemic and recently launched his own brand of oil: Attila's Life Eternal!

"I had a bit of a long break from not smoking weed since this COVID-19 misery broke out," Csihar recalls, "and I've been using only CBD since then. I first tried CBD a couple of years ago and learned a lot about the effects of it on physical and mental health. It helps my sleeping, reduces anxiety, and stress, and it just feels good in general without having any psychic affect - you don't get high or anything. I can still enjoy the benefits of cannabis without losing my focus or getting lazy."

Attila's Life Eternal is 100% natural and was partially harvested by Csihar himself. He adds, "It was so amazing and beautiful to be part of it. Our medical cannabis is made from carefully selected seeds and they are planted in a special way. It is extremely important to have special medical cannabis plants which have almost zero THC content but are full of the rest of the good ingredients."

"I'm not that super healthy guy," Csihar continues. "But even when I used to do drugs, I always took lots of extra vitamins like calcium and magnesium to reduce the damage on my body. I've always believed in keeping balance in life in general. If you poison yourself, it's good to give something to the other side as well; to balance it out. I know that CBD is a very good thing for your whole system in general. Don't die sick; die healthy!"

Attila's Life Eternal 6.66% CBD oil is available now and limited to 666 exclusive, hand-numbered packages. For ordering options, visit Saturnus Productions.

In related news, Mayhem's limited-edition Life Eternal EP is out now via Csihar's Saturnus Productions.

Initially released in 2008 and now available as a limited picture disc with artwork by Daniele Valeriani, Life Eternal is a documentation of Csihar's first journey to Bergen, Norway in 1993. Taken from tapes Csihar made during the vocal recording sessions of the now legendary De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas full-length, Life Eternal's five tracks are rough, studio mixes from the record and feature varying vocal styles from Csihar, as well as the drum intro of "Funeral Fog" that was cut from the final release.

Life Eternal EP Track Listing:

1. Cursed In Eternity

2. Pagan Fears

3. Freezing Moon

4. Funeral Fog

5. Life Eternal


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