Melanie Martinez Calls Out the "Copy Cat," with Tierra Whack In Tow

Following the autumn release of her pastel pop opera K-12 (read our review of it here), Melanie Martinez has released a new song from the album’s sessions. “Copy Cat” plays into the schoolyard themes of the album, as Melanie’s alter ego Crybaby calls it like she sees it and puts a nameless persona with shifty eyes on blast.

Some fans have chalked the lyrical content of “Copy Cat” to a diss to Timothy Heller, a former friend of the singer’s who accused Martinez of sexual assault in December 2017. A number of fans managed to poke holes in Heller’s story, creating enough doubt in the court of public opinion to push the allegations aside.

In any case, Martinez called upon rapper Tierra Whack to deliver a guest verse, marking the first guest appearance on any of her music. Whack delivers plenty of words and rhymes per second of her section, and with Melanie’s well-known love of hip-hop, the verse sounds right at home in the track.

Listen to “Copy Cat” below.