Melodeath Legends Dark Tranquillity Are "Identical to None" With New Track

Alongside fellow Gothenburg natives In Flames and At the Gates, Dark Tranquillity are largely responsible for the rise of melodic death metal in the mid-Nineties and beyond. Earlier this year, touring guitarists Christopher Amott and Johan Reinholdz were made full-time members, following the departure of longtime axeman Niklas Sundin, and last month, we got our first taste of the new line-up with the irresistible “Phantom Days.”

Now, as we draw closer to the release of the band’s new studio album Moment, due out on November 20th via Century Media Records, the Swedish metal icons have unleashed another track, this one just as melodic and alluringly heavy as anything else the band has done. “Identical to None” is a fist-pumping anthem of individuality and rising above the masses. The guitar work on the album is a treat, from the dizzying lead work to the signature dual guitar harmonies. Even after all this time, the band sounds as good as they ever have, even with new men behind the six-string attack.

The track list for Moment reads as follows:

1. Phantom Days

2. Transient

3. Identical to None

4. The Dark Unbroken

5. Remain in the Unknown

6. Standstill

7. Ego Deception

8. A Drawn Out Exit

9. Eyes of the World

10. Failstate

Pre-order Moment here.

Stream “Identical to None” below: