Mercyful Fate Self-Titled, 'Don't Break the Oath' and 'Melissa' Vinyl Reissues Coming in June

On June 5th, Metal Blade Records will continue to work their way through King Diamond's discography with their ongoing series of reissues.This time, however, Mercyful Fate will be receiving some love with new CD and LP versions of the classic albums Don’t Break the Oath, Melissa, and their 1982 self-titled EP!

The vinyl editions feature spined sleeves with an insert and download card; the CDs contain a mini-LP CD-insert with a small fold-out poster.

"These are not remasters. These are the albums as they were originally done in the old days from the original production masters," King Diamond previously stated, "They retain all the original dynamics that were captured at the time. It’s very exciting to present these to fans as they were originally released."

Pre-order your copies now at in the US, in Europe and in the UK.

See below for an overview of available formats:

Don’t Break the Oath CD and LP versions:

  • Hardcover digisleeve “mini-LP” CD

  • Yellow w/ red flares vinyl

  • Clear w/ orange spots vinyl

  • 180g black vinyl

  • Golden yellow marbled vinyl

  • Luminous orange marbled vinyl

  • Clear amber marbled vinyl

  • Opaque melon marbled vinyl

  • Flame splatter vinyl

  • Translucent red vinyl

  • Orange / red melt vinyl

Melissa CD and LP versions:

  • Hardcover digisleeve “mini-LP” CD

  • Yellow w/ black streaks vinyl

  • Highlighter yellow w/ red splatter vinyl

  • 180g black vinyl

  • Opaque cherry red vinyl

  • Opaque golden yellow marbled vinyl

  • Dark green marbled vinyl

  • Olive green marbled vinyl

  • Green / blue color circle w/ red splatter vinyl

  • Translucent yellow vinyl

  • Red / black color circle w/ yellow splatter vinyl

Mercyful Fate CD and LP versions:

  • Hardcover digisleeve “mini-LP” CD

  • Black / white edge marbled vinyl

  • Clear w/ black smoke vinyl

  • 180g black vinyl

  • Cool grey marbled vinyl

  • Clear ghost white vinyl

  • White “blackdust” vinyl

  • Opaque red vinyl


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