Mongolian Band The HU Release Cover of Metallica's "Sad But True"

The HU released a music video for their Mongolian folk spin on Metallica’s hit song “Sad But True” earlier this month. This cover is undeniably badass, and it’s awesome to hear Metallica sung in another language. It’s really awesome to see the band playing their unique instruments that are native to their home country of Mongolia. The video is really well-produced and I love the imagery in telling the story of the song. The band looks awesome with their native instruments and some with lightning and fire surrounding them.

The song begins with a solo Mongolian guitar and throat-singing. The band erupts for the super catchy main riff and sounds heavier and full of a lot dimension. The vocals, again in the Mongolian language as well, are deep and gritty, fully localized in the throat. The instrumentation for the “guitar solo” sounds so unique as well as well-executed. The translation of the instruments between the metal original and "hunnu rock" (as the band has described their music) of this version makes the song so awesome to listen to in this fresh way. It has a dark, folk metal feel that I am living for.

Listen to The HU's spin on "Sad But True" below: