Monsieur Desastreux Announces 'SIMPLEAWESOMEFUCKEDUP,' Featuring Songs From 'one' and 'two'

Earlier this year, Monsieur Desastreux gave us two simple and clean synthpop nuggets with the pair of EPs one and two. The eight total tracks made for two great releases, with plenty of smooth electro grooves and synthpop serendipity. Not content to rest on his laurels, Desastreux has announced a full-length album, entitled SIMPLEAWESOMEFUCKEDUP, due out on October 17th via Planet69.

The album contains the entirety of both of the previous EPs, as well as five new songs. For those who have already purchased one and two digitally like myself, getting in contact with the label will allow you to get the remaining five tracks free of charge, but even if you haven’t, an 8 Euro price tag for the full-length (in the neighborhood of $9 USD) is still perfectly reasonable, especially given what we’ve already heard.

The tracklisting for the album is as follows:

1. Push

2. Don’t Breathe

3. Acceleration

4. Current Mental Dysfunction

5. Stranger

6. Get Off!

7. Hello

8. Suspect

9. I Can Do That Too

10. No Indication

11. Our Hate

12. Loss of Control

13. I Give Myself to You

SIMPLEAWESOMEFUCKEDUP is available for pre-order here.