Moris Blak Announces 'Irregular Revisions Vol. 1' For "Blak Friday"

We here at CryptTeaze have made our unabashed love of Moris Blak no secret, between our colorful review of his debut LP The Irregularity of Being and our extensive coverage of his many remixes, including Danny Blu’s “Sanctuary” and Poppy’s “BLOODMONEY.” That said, his original work should not be overlooked, as his Mandy-inspired “I’m Your God Now” is a bonafide banger as well. The wait for a proper follow-up to the industrial bass monolith that was TIOB is coming to a close, as the Boston basshead has announced Irregular Revisions.

This double dose of distorted decimation, according to the man himself, “will contain new unreleased tracks written during the recording of TIOB, as well as remixes from a talented arsenal of electronic musicians.” Part one of this twofer is set to release next Friday, November 27th, on what Blak and his label Negative Gain are dubbing “Blak Friday.” No word at this time on the track listing or what artists will be involved in the remixes, but given the level of talent Blak has aligned himself with as of late, we should be in for a hell of a ride.

Stay tuned for more information by following Moris Blak on social media, as well as right here on CryptTeaze for news and a review of the Irregular Revisions double album.