Moris Blak Remixes Backxwash's "Bad Juju"

Moris Blak Backxwash Bad Juju Remix

Backxwash, the “most mischievous witch bitch that you ever seen,” released her album Deviancy last July. Her horrorcore meets queercore style is remarkable enough on its own, with occult themes spread out across most of her work. Add in the industrial bass violence of Moris Blak, who has continued his remixing ways since last year’s Irregularity of Being, and the result is a Molotov cocktail thrown up from the underground.

“Bad Juju” is a warning to anyone standing in the way of our resident Black Sailor Moon, with hellfire and hexes galore in her potent, “don’t fuck” delivery. As if the original wasn’t grungy enough, the gruesome machinations of Blak bring a whole new energy to this track, adding to the titular bad juju.

Admittedly, I had never heard of Backxwash until the announcement of this remix, but after listening to both it and the original cut, I will find myself falling down the rabbit hole for some time.

The Moris Blak remix of Backxwash’s “Bad Juju” is available now, and is a “Name Your Price” track. Listen to and download it below: