Moris Blak to Release Horror-Inspired Track "Mandy" for Halloween

It just doesn’t feel like Halloween without Moris Blak releasing a horror movie inspired song. Last year’s “Silent Hill” absolutely annihilated our dance floor at Darkotica Halloween. While the pandemic may have prevented us from having our traditional Halloween blowouts, industrial bass artist and beefcake Moris Blak refuses to disappoint us.

“Mandy”, inspired by the recent Nicolas Cage film of the same name, continues the spirit of his Halloween horror-inspired tracks like “It Follows” and “Eyes of My Mother”. There’s no attempt to obscure influences for hipster points. Instead it places the source material firmly front and center and crafts industrial bass magic over it. I personally can’t wait to play this one for a crowd.

“Mandy” goes live on Spotify and other platforms October 30th.

In the meantime, Moris Blak’s currently available discography can be found on Spotify or on Bandcamp.