'Murder Made Easy' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Be Released Digitally on April 28th

Murder Made Easy Original Soundtrack April 28

After being released on Blu-ray and DVD by Scream Team Releasing, the soundtrack for Dave Palamaro's Murder Made Easy will be released digitally later this month, courtesy of Lock & Key Films and Spillane Brain Music.

The soundtrack features music by renowned indie horror film composer Sean Spillane (The Woman, Tales of Halloween, Jug Face).

"Writing, performing and recording the score for Murder Made Easy was an absolute blast," Spillane says of the soundtrack. "In such a character driven story I used various genres of music to further reflect each character’s personality. In some scenes Jazz felt like a fun yet natural choice to allow for some rhythm and melody to seep in through the dialogue. Director Dave Palmaro’s collaborative spirit allowed me to explore musical genres that I hadn’t used in previous films and for that I thank him."

The Murder Made Easy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be available on digital music sites on April 28th.

Murder Made Easy centers around best pals Joan and Michael, who invite their dearest friends over for a cordial dinner to discuss the passing of Joan’s husband, Neil. But as each guest arrives, dark secrets are revealed and murder is definitely on the menu.

Christopher Soren Kelly (Infinity Chamber), Jessica Graham (The Tangle), Shiela Cutchlow ("The Wire", "True Detective"), Emilia Richeson, Edmund Lupinski and Paul A. Rose Jr. star in the film.

Murder Made Easy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tracklisting:

1. Crime Wave

2. First Course

3. A Toast to the Killing Floor

4. Procreation

5. Murder Made Easy Theme

6. Taming Your Inner Lion

7. Fourth Course

8. Dead Little Bear

9. Sorry I’m Late

10. Body Drag Bossa Nova

11. Whiskey with Lemon

12. Second Course

13. My Medium Says I’m A Natural

14. Thank You, Damien

15. Shall We?