'Murdercise' - Indiegogo Campaign Launched for '80s-Inspired Aerobics Slasher

Working out can be scary but not if you have the deadliest home workout video ever made!

It's time to grab your spandex and leg warmers, because the Indiegogo campaign for Angelica De Alba and Paul Ragsdale's 1980s-inspired aerobics slasher Murdercise is up and running strong!

In the film, "An obsessed fitness nerd, Phoebe, lands her first big break as a performer in a sleazy workout video. After being ridiculed and ostracized by her co-stars, Phoebe befriends a mafia princess wild child, who teaches her how to murder her way to the top!" "We are so excited to finally launch the Indiegogo campaign for Murdercise! We want to take our filmmaking to the next level with this project," says writer/director Paul Ragsdale. "We are working with many new people, fan favorites like Jordan Phipps, Jessa Flux and Drew Marvick. And we will be working with some of our favorite people from our past films such as Nina Lanee Kent, Krystal Shay and Anthony To’omata!"

He adds, "We have a fun and gory movie planned so we hope genre fans will come out and support Murdercise!"

The filmmaking duo behind A & P Productions also just announced they will be working with the iconic Ginger Lynn Allen (Rob Zombie's 31, Slashlorette Party) on the film for their collaboration together.

Murdercise is expected to be completed and released by Spring 2023.

Warm up with a promo video below, and head on over to the Indiegogo page to learn more and score some killer perks!