Narrative-Driven Horror Game 'In Nightmare' Scares Up a Holiday 2022 Release on PC

Already released across PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 earlier this year, Maximum Games has announced a Holiday 2022 arrival of their narrative-driven horror game In Nightmare on PC.

The game will be available on Steam and will include all content since its initial launch, along with updated graphics and gameplay enhancements.

In Nightmare follows a young boy who closes himself off from the world around him and falls into a deep sleep, during which his inner nightmares take over. Heartbroken about his family’s troubles, the boy escapes reality into a dark, whimsical world created from his own memories. This sets him on a journey to uncover a web of truths within a haunting world of deception.

With the help of his dream spirit, the boy will seek out ways to sneak past enemies, overcome intricate puzzles, and embrace his fears so that he may finally be able to awaken.

Physical copies of In Nightmare for PS4 and PS4 are currently available via the Maximum Games website and Amazon.