NateWantsToBattle Premieres New 'Bendy'-Inspired Track "My Name Isn't Mine"

Updated: Oct 1

Independent musician and nerd extraordinaire Nathan Sharp, known also as NateWantsToBattle, has announced his latest full-length to be a horror video game album, dubbed What You Want. Last week, Nate brought us the track “Manipulate,” inspired by the horror visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club, and as he’s followed the track listing, save for the interlude and intro, for the album, we now have the next track from the spookiest damn album Sharp has ever released.

“My Name Isn’t Mine” is inspired by the stellar Bendy franchise, between Bendy and the Ink Machine and the spin-off Boris and the Dark Survival. The song is a punk-laden affair, with an urgent pace and dread-inducing bits of synths and other effects throughout. It wastes no time getting to business, painting a picture of a mind slowly bleeding through the paper into pure insanity. Riddled with references to its source material, namely the line “I’m bound to break when you keep me bending,” the song may be Sharp’s best pure rock song in some time.

What You Want will be available via Give Heart Records on October 26th. See our previous coverage at the link above, and pre-order the album and merch bundles here.

Check out the AMV for “My Name Isn’t Mine” below:

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