NateWantsToBattle Reveals "The Symbol of My Regret," Horror Game Album 'What You Want' Out Now

NateWantsToBattle, real name Nathan Sharp, has finally unleashed his newest horror game album What You Want, and with it the final original track, this one inspired by Bendy and the Ink Machine and Boris and the Dark Survival. While other tracks on the record are more electronically-driven (see the Doki Doki-inspired “Manipulate”) or nu metal-flavored (“What You Want,” inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s), this one is back to the hard rock and post-hardcore fare that Nate built much of his brand upon.

The track starts off with a climbing palm-muted riff that plays into the kitsch and the whimsy put on by the Joey Drew Studios creation, before the chorus gets into modern hard rock territory. The bridge sees a bit of an old-school radio effect cast over the whole track, as the section, sung from Bendy’s perspective, gets an organ and a staccato bass guitar to set it apart from the rest of the song.

What You Want is available now on Give Heart Records.

Hear the hard-rocking “Symbol of My Regret” below: