Nervosa Offer One More Sampling From 'Perpetual Chaos' with "Under Ruins"

As what may be Brazil’s finest thrash band this side of Sepultura, Nervosa have staked their claim to their homeland’s metal throne, even with a massive line-up change setting the operation back momentarily. Now, their latest offering Perpetual Chaos is unleashed, and if the teasers that were “Guided by Evil” and the title track weren’t enough to make up your mind, perhaps this latest offering from these South American slaughterers.

“Under Ruins” starts off with a low, slurring riff and building drums, before taking a brief detour into slow double-kick territory. Once through that, things get into proper blisteringly fast fare, with plenty of blast beat variations to go round. The guitar work favors speed over just about anything else, with alternate picking and Cazeres-level rhythm guitar work.

If this song hasn’t sold you on the album, I don’t know if anything will. Of the three singles from Perpetual Chaos, this may be the most overtly classic thrash metal, being a full-throttle number while still walking a fine line between that and early melodeath.

Perpetual Chaos is out now via Napalm Records. Order it here, and check out the video for “Under Ruins” below:


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