New 'Catherine: Full Body' Trailer Shows Off Puzzling Gameplay for Nintendo Switch

Catherine: Full Body’s puzzling action-adventure gameplay is on display in the new "Puzzling Hearts" trailer for Atlus’ upcoming Nintendo Switch port of the game.

"Bachelor Vincent must climb a tower of nightmares in his sleep, while choosing between three different love interests during the day. Can he overcome his puzzling nightmares and the love conflict in his puzzled heart?"

Catherine: Full Body is a gripping, action-adventure puzzler that features a mature story about complex relationships and difficult choices. Our story centers around commitment-phobic Vincent, who is at a crossroads of taking the next step in his long-term relationship or leaving it all behind. Succumbing to the temptation of a new romance, Vincent then finds himself trapped in a recurring nightmare of a crumbling tower of puzzle blocks he must climb to survive to see another day…

The Switch release includes all existing add-on content from the original Catherine: Full Body plus three new voice options that reference the Persona series.

Catherine: Full Body releases on July 7th, 2020 for Nintendo Switch. The game is currently available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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