New Lore Has Been Revealed for 'Dead by Daylight: Descend Beyond' DLC

To understand the human condition, one must rise above it.

As we build toward the new “Descend Beyond” chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight, the official Dead by Daylight website has released the backstory of Talbot Grimes, otherwise known as “The Blight,” presumably the identity of the new Killer. A chemist whose curiosity knew no bounds, Grimes worked his way to the position of head chemist for the British East India Company. He subjected prisoners to his experimental creations, with varying levels of effectiveness and adverse effects.

Following a capture in Mangalore, Grimes is shown the error in his ways, as well as hundreds of victims who took some of his creations. After a brush with death, he was brought back to life by monks who sought to expand the human mind and explore dimensions beyond our own. He worked alongside the monks, even as their disdain for Talbot grew with every inch closer he came to a breakthrough. He began to conjure up the strangest of things, eventually making his escape with one phrase scrawled all along the walls he was once restrained by: Death is only the beginning.

Read the full backstory of The Blight on the official DBD website.


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