New 'The Pocket Film of Superstitions' Trailer Blends Folk Horror and Supernatural Frights

Billed as a "fantastical cinematic almanac" and a spiritual bed-fellow to filmmaker Tom Lee Rutter’s earlier Bella In the Wych Elm, The Pocket Film of Superstitions promises a quaint, yet spooky and humorous trip through various superstitions through the ages.

Now, a new teaser trailer has been released to whet the appetites of viewers who are in for an odd, beautiful cinematic treat. You can also check out the film's previous teaser here.

Boasting a rich and varied cast including the legendary Caroline Munro (Maniac, Slaughter High) as well as the likes of John R. Walker (Ouijageist), Cy Henty (The Devil’s Music) and Pablo Raybould (The Snarling), among many others, The Pocket Film of Superstitions hopes to complete its complex and ambitious production in 2021 after several setbacks during the onset of the pandemic saw a slowdown in filming.

You can follow the film and it’s progress on Facebook and follow director Tom Lee Rutter on Twitter.