Night Club Cut Through The "Gossip" With Uncanny New Single [Video]

Keep talkin’.

Just one week before releasing their third studio album Die Die Lullaby, synthpop darling duo Night Club have released a second single, this one known as “Gossip.” Where their previous single “Miss Negativity” was a bit more poppy and peppy, an odd combo for their brand of dark pop music, “Gossip” has a bit more of sway and swagger to it. The synth work in the verses are mellow, with a bit of overdrive added in the pre-chorus. By the time the chorus rolls around, an eerie lead synth comes in with a lick that promises to stick with you by the end of your first listen.

Night Club are known for their infectious music, sure, but the music video for “Gossip” for the song is campy and ridiculous, all in the fun way. From the restrained dancing by pink latex-clad singer Emily Kavanaugh to the Brady Bunch homages in the pre-chorus, the video is just the bit of weirdness we needed to kick off October, and with Die Die Lullaby just one week away, I’m sure we’re due for more.

Pre-orders for Die Die Lullaby, releasing October 9th are available here.

Watch the kitschy music video for “Gossip” below: