Nightfall Announce New Album 'At Night We Prey,' European Tour, And Several Re-Issues For Q1 2021

Greece’s three most famous black metal bands are Rotting Christ, Septicflesh, and Nightfall. The latter of those has an ambitious 2021 ahead of them, as after seven long years since their previous album Cassiopeia, the blackened death metal quartet has much to come back for.

Chronologically first, the band will re-release several of their classic albums and EPs, with two dates being chosen for these re-christenings. First is January 29th, which will see the re-releases of 1992’s Parade Into Centuries, 1993’s Macabre Sunsets, and 1995’s two-fer of Athenian Echoes and Eons Aura. Then two weeks later, on February 12th, the classic album Lesbian Show and the EPs Diva Futura and Electronegative will be re-issued.

These re-issues will also mark the first time that any of the studio albums have been released on vinyl, though all of the original releases can be found on all digital platforms at this time.

In terms of new music, the band has announced their newest studio album At Night We Prey, set to attack on March 5th, 2021. As the first glimpse of this newest predator, we have “Darkness Forever,” a blistering track about depression and the nasty effects it can have on a person. With a classic death metal intro, several blast beat-ridden passages, and a driving pacing throughout, this track makes quite the impact on a first listen, and demands a second, a third, and so on.

The track listing for At Night We Prey, due out on March 5th, 2021 via Season of Mist, reads as follows:

1. She Loved the Twilight

2. Killing Moon

3. Darkness Forever

4. Witches

5. Giants of Anger

6. Temenos

7. Meteor Gods

8. Martyrs of the Cult of the Dead (Agita)

9. At Night We Prey

10. Wolves in Thy Head

Pre-order the album here, and any of the re-issues Nightfall has announced here.

As the whole of Europe has a better handle on the pandemic than the US does (which isn’t saying much, sadly), Nightfall will be touring with Draconian shortly after the release of At Night We Prey, with the schedule looking like so:

NIGHTFALL Euro Tour 2021 (w/ Draconian): 03/11/21: Warsaw (PL) @ Hydrozagadka 03/12/21: Gdansk (PL) @ Drizzly Grizzly 03/13/21: Berlin (DE) @ Nuke 03/14/21: Leipzig (DE) @ Hellraiser 03/15/21: Prague (CZ) @ Black Pes 03/16/21: Regensburg (DE) @ Eventhall Airport 03/17/21: Mannheim (DE) @ MS Connexion Complex 03/18/21: Dortmund (DE) @ Junkyard 03/19/21: Hamburg (DE) @ Kronensaal 03/20/21: Enschede (NL) @ Metropool 03/21/21: Rotterdam (NL) @ Baroeg 03/22/21: Antwerpen (BE) @ Zappa 03/23/21: Rennes (FR) @ Ubu 03/24/21: Paris (FR) @ Petit Bain 03/25/21: Wetzikon (CH) @ Hall of Fame 03/26/21: Paderno (IT) @ Slaughter Club 03/27/21: San Donà di Piave (IT) @ Revolver 03/28/21: Vienna (AT) @ Viper Room

Check out the lyric video for “Darkness Forever” below (WARNING: flashing images):


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