Nightfall Call Forth The "Giants of Anger," New Album Due Out Next Month

As someone who struggles with mental illness and the pressures of leadership and perfectionism, this latest track from Greek metal stalwarts Nightfall hits a little differently than most. The third and final single from their upcoming album At Night We Prey is “Giants of Anger,” a mid-tempo anthem about the pitfalls of depression.

As singer/bassist Efthimis Karadimas explains it:

"'Giants of Anger' is about Wilhelm's II (the last German emperor) struggle with Erb's palsy, and the mental challenges he underwent to overcome it in a world where royal blood ought to be healthy. The song is carrying the frustration and reminds us all that mental disorders make no discrimination."

The song is a mix of doom, melodeath, and black metal, with a deliberate, crawling pace that allows things to breathe. I can already see the line “I am a human, I’m not your fucking God” getting crowd participation when concerts are a thing again. All in all, this is one of the stronger tracks I’ve heard recently, and with its message and subject matter, it’s personal.

“Giants of Anger” follows “Darkness Forever” and “Killing Moon,” as Nightfall’s latest studio effort At Night We Prey is set for release on March 5th via Season of Mist. In addition, this Friday, February 12th, will see the re-issue of their classic album Lesbian Show and the EPs Diva Futura and Electronegative.

All pre-orders for the upcoming album and re-issues can be found here.

See the lyric video for “Giants of Anger” below: