'Nightmare on Elm Street' Fan Film 'In Dreams' Meets Freddy While Sleepwalking [Video]

In Dreams Short Film A Nightmare on Elm Street

In these strange times, horror fans around the world are consuming content in a way similar to how the "Freddy snake" attempted to do with Patricia Arquette's character in Dream Warriors, so there's certainly a need for fresh content to be introduced daily.

If you're one those individuals who're always on the lookout for new (and free!) things to watch, we're insanely excited to share this delectable and visually pleasing treat with you!

Based on the characters created by Wes Craven in the A Nightmare on Elm Street universe, In Dreams is an Italian-produced short from director Cristian Tomassini and writer Silvio Marotta for the Anima Films SRL production company.

The short depicts a sleepwalking episode of an American teenager named Cheyenne, who will soon live a nightmare permeated by the ominous presence of the "Boogeyman" Freddy Krueger.

We're told that In Dreams only took a week of preproduction and a day of filming to complete, which is quite an impressive feat given the overall quality of the film in terms of atmosphere, cinematography and makeup. The short is a wonderful tribute to the late master of horror Wes Craven and if I'm being honest, as far as fan films are concerned, this is one of the very best!

Watch In Dreams below!