Nitro-Fueled '90s Throwback FPS 'Hellbound' Blasts Onto Steam This August

After jumpstarting the project with a successful Kickstarter and releasing a popular demo, Argentinian developers Saibot Studios and veteran developers/publishers Nimble Giant will be releasing their head-pounding homage to '90s shooters, Hellbound, on Steam August 4th!

The game will transport the player to Hell, a once sacred place that is now home to unspeakable evils, where carnage of their own design awaits them. Players will assume the role of Hellgore, a hulking brute that in his own words, is all about "blood, nukes, earthquakes, serious action, and most importantly, BIG F***ING GUNS!"

This huge chunk of muscle will be represented by voice actor Artie Widgery (Lord of the Rings Online, Wasteland 2).

"Hellbound: Survival Mode has been available on Steam for two years, and the response from old school shooter fans has been incredible! We’ve learned a lot since the demo’s release, and have fueled that into the creation of a full-fledged campaign that will test players’ mettle as they carve their way through demons as fast as they can! Speed is the name of the game in Hellbound," says Tobias Rusjan from Saibot Studios.

To get a taste of the Hellgore’s power, and his journey through Hell, be sure to check out the new gameplay video below.


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