Norwegian Horror and Lovecraft Lore Collide in First-Person Adventure 'The Fold: Ingression'

A first person thriller adventure with worlds inspired by the Norse people, old Norwegian legends and horror elements from the Lovecraft universe, The Fold: Ingression was announced this week by Audvyr Studio, which was founded by one of the devs on 2016's Through the Woods, Stian Willums.

In the game, "The year is 2020. Norwegian Amund Vreim has been hired for a strange job as substitute caretaker for Eikherad stave church in Telemark, Norway. He's not a superstitious person, but was born with inexplicable abilities strengthened by this spiritual area and everything happening there. He has no choice but to believe what he sees. Through curious exploration and mysterious tasks he finds himself in increasingly strange situations and quickly learns that he's not alone, nor is the job as relaxed as first expected. The massive structure dates back to the end of the viking era and both church and surrounding areas hold many secrets."

Ingression is the first installment in the The Fold universe and will take the player on an introduction to the ones called "The Fold" and their mysterious ancient worlds.

The Fold: Ingression is set for release via Steam, but a release date has yet to be announced. In the meantime, check out a short teaser below.


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