Numskull Reveals "Bloodbath" Tubbz Range Featuring 'The Exorcist,' 'Lost Boys' and More

Launched last year, Numskull Designs' Tubbz line transforms iconic characters from video games, movies, and television into rubber duck-style figurines, and the latest batch of cosplaying ducks have entered a horror phase with the aptly titled "Bloodbath" range, featuring some of our favorite horror icons!

Numskull details, "Who can forget the iconic horror and spine-chilling movies The Exorcist, IT, The Lost Boys and Beetlejuice? When the final credits ran, there were mixed emotions among fans between heaving a sigh of relief that these horror shows were over, yet also weirdly wanting more. Well the scary stars of the show have risen again and are back… in duck form! Don’t be fooled these ducks are anything but cute."

"The Tubbz 'Bloodbath' range is quackingly creepy and the devil is in the detail to make these replicas instantly recognisable."

The "Bloodbath" line includes:

  • Regan MacNeil (The Exorcist) – the duck devil is a devil with bells on. Her head has spun around and she looks madly insane. Run away as fast as you can, this is a job for The Exorcist, it’s going to be a long night.

  • Beetlejuice – it’s showtime! It’s Russian Roulette, if you say his name three times he will either appear or disappear, are you brave enough to risk it?

  • David (The Lost Boys) – there’s no mistaking David’s 80’s hair and as for those fangs, no duck stands a chance.  Garlic at the ready, do not invite him in!

  • Michael (The Lost Boys) – he’s looking cool in his shades leaving others blissfully unaware as to what he has become, although they will soon understand why he’s hiding his eyes.

  • Pennywise (IT) – whoever thought clowns were entertaining and funny? Absolutely one of the most terrifying horror characters of all time, Pennywise has been scaring us all witless since the late 80’s and there’s no mistaking him even in duck form.

You can grab these PVC ducks for $12.99 each over on Numskull's official site.