Pandemic Horror Film 'Infection' Mashes Up 'Mad Max' and '28 Days Later' on DVD and VOD

Infection DVD Flavio Pedota

Jinga Films and Dark Sky Films have unleashed Flavio Pedota’s award winning pandemic horror Infection (aka Infección) on DVD and all major digital platforms today, April 14th 2020.

In the film, "After an outbreak of a new strand of the rabies virus turns the population of Venezuela into bloodthirsty cannibals, a young doctor finds himself separated from his son. Navigating his way through the plague-infested streets and marauder-filled backwoods, he must use every resource to find his only child and unlock the secret to a cure for the deadly disease."

Infection stars Rubén Guevara, Leonidas Urbina and Magdiel González.

Pedota co-wrote the film with Yeimar Cabral.

Check out the official trailer below and pick up Infection on DVD today!