Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey Announced for HBO's 'The Last of Us'

HBO’s upcoming adaptation of The Last of Us has found its cast!

Naughty Dog’s smash hit game is set in a post-apocalypse world overtaken by the Cordyceps virus, which takes the infected through various stages of monstrosity. It’s the scavenging survivors, however, who present a greater threat to the those who hold onto their humanity.

Yesterday it was announced Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) will play Ellie, the only known person on Earth who’s immune to the Cordyceps virus. Ramsey was a surprising breakout star in Game of Thrones when she played Lyanna Mormont in Season Six, and she’s quickly become a fan favorite.

Pedro Pascal (also a Game of Thrones alum) will star as Joel, a man who’s lost nearly everything that’s made his life worth living, tasked with shepherding Ellie across the country to a group that could potentially use her immunity to save humanity.

Not many other details about the adaptation have been given, but as a fan of both Last of Us games, I’m excited to see how HBO approaches the story. Will they lean into the apocalypse angle with occasional character-driven moments, like The Walking Dead? Or will they stay true to what made the game so incredible and give the two stars, as well as their various travelling companions, even richer character development?

I know there are some among you who’ve never played The Last of Us, so I’m treading carefully in spoiler territory when I say they’d better not alter that opening scene too much…

HBO’s The Last of Us will likely come out sometime this year. Although I’m excited to see this adaptation, I’m hoping they don’t rush a single part of this hefty endeavor. We’ve all lived long enough to see some of our favorite books, movies, and graphic novels completely butchered by well-meaning screenwriters who desperately try to juggle fan service with mass appeal. Let’s keep our fingers crossed The Last of Us is the exception to the rule, and that it complements our gaming experience while also drawing new fans to the story.

I mean, we’ve already seen Pascal play a surrogate father figure to Grogu (i.e., “Baby Yoda”) in The Mandalorian, which is somewhat similar to Joel’s relationship with Ellie, so maybe him being cast as Joel is a sign that The Last of Us is in good hands.

What do you think of the cast so far? Are you excited by this news, or are you running from this adaptation like it’s a shrieking clicker?

Tell us your thoughts!


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