Perturbator Announces New Record 'Lustful Sacraments,' Releases First Single "Death of the Soul"

An EBM solo artist on a predominantly metal label feels like a sore thumb type of situation, but James Kent, the mastermind behind Perturbator, has made it work almost too well. The French producer has taken the modern dark synth movement by storm across four albums and a handful of EPs, blending horror, noir, and cyberpunk aesthetics all along the way. Now, Perturbator eyes their fifth full-length, Lustful Sacraments, due out on May 28th via Blood Music.

Our first sacrament comes in the throwback track that is “Death of the Soul.” Sonically, the track is a love letter to Nitzer Ebb and Front 242, with reverberating drum programming and simple but effective bass lines. It’s a fiery track with an old-school feel, standing on the shoulders of the EBM giants of old with reverence as well as reference.

The music video, directed by Jean Valnoir Simoulin, better known as Metastazis, captures the timely cyberpunk look and feel in the confines of a pinball machine, as our spherical subject rides along the rails and tours the various things that ruin man: drugs, sex, violence, you name it. It’s a perfect companion to the audio, making for a must-see four minute clip.

The track listing for Lustful Sacraments is as follows:

1. Reaching Xanadu

2. Lustful Sacraments

3. Excess

4. Secret Devotion (ft. True Body)

5. Death of the Soul

6. The Other Place

7. Dethroned Under a Funeral Haze

8. Messalina, Messalina

9. God Says (ft. Hangman's Chair)

Pre-order the record here, and check out the dizzying music video for “Death of the Soul” below (WARNING: flashing lights):