Peter Tägtgren Has Confirmed That The New Hypocrisy Album Is Finished

Between PAIN, Hypocrisy, and until recently Lindemann, Peter Tägtgren has been one of the busiest men in the metal game for some time. Add in his numerous production credits, which include acts such as Overkill, Sabaton, Amon Amarth, and Dimmu Borgir, and Tägtgren is easily one of the most prolific metal musicians of the last thirty years. After the split of Lindemann, his side project with namesake and Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann, fans have been clamoring to see what would be next for Tägtgren’s other bands, and now we are one step closer to the answer.

On his social media recently, Tägtgren announced that the new Hypocrisy album is officially completed. It has been mastered, sent off through the proper channels, and is awaiting a release date. And, on brand for the guitarist, he commemorated with a glass of whiskey and horns thrown up.

The record, when it does come out, will be the band’s first since 2013’s End of Disclosure, which charted in eight countries, including their native Sweden. The record was considered by Tägtgren to be a “back to basics” release, which presents many questions regarding the content of this as-yet-untitled thirteenth studio album.

In the meantime, check out the single from End of Disclosure, "Tales of The Spineless."


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