Pitch Black North Teams with UK Thrash Band Venom Prison for "Sadistic Rituals" White Tea

“Inflame within the forces of fiery lust that is the gift of Satan.”

Pitch Black North, the Satanic tea company that has brought such collaborations as Cradle of Filth’s “Dark Blood” and “Sweetest Maleficia” English breakfast teas (review), as well as Bloodbath’s “Ominous Blood Vomit” tea latte powder, has struck again. The Canadian craftsmen have offered up another metal-themed blend of tea, taking inspiration from UK-based thrash metal institution Venom Prison for a white tea straight from hell.

Named “Sadistic Rituals,” based on a track taken from the band’s 2019 album Samsara, this white tea features strawberry, lavender, peppermint, and chili, coming together for a refreshing cup of damnation. While some readers may not know what makes white tea different from black or green teas, it comes down to processing. White tea is dried, and does not undergo any other sort of processing, resulting in a lighter flavor than most other teas. It also typically requires a lower water temperature for steeping, whereas some black teas require boiling water (212 degrees F / 100 degrees C) to get the best results.

At this rate, whoever is still saying that tea isn’t metal can kindly boil some water, get some Pitch Black North tea, take a sip of shut the fuck up, and carry on with their day, having learned their lesson.

Order your bag of “Sadistic Rituals” tea from Pitch Black North x Venom Prison here. Check out the eponymous song below:


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