[Podcast] An Evening with Eibon Press Composer and Dog Eat Dog Bassist Dave Neabore

Known around the world as the bassist for punk/rap hybrid group Dog Eat Dog, Dave Neabore is known in the horror community as a devout horror fan himself. He's contributed is musical skills to multiple projects over the last few decades, including For Lucio Fulci: A Symphony of Fear, Paura: Lucio Fulci Remembered Vol. 1 and Biohazardous.

Neabore has also directed several short films, including Reel Fear (2000), I Love Susie (2001), Hayride To Hell (2003), Lunch Date (2006), Jason Hurts (2008), Dead Bugs On The Carpet (2009) and When A Stranger Tweets (2013).

Outside of touring the world, Dave most recently lent his composing talents to Eibon Press' Zombie and Bottomfeeder comic book series. In the latest episode of Ellissinema Podcast, you'll hear host Sean Ellis and Dave discuss their love for horror films, especially those of the Italian sort, what they miss most while being stuck in quarantine, working with Eibon Press and much more!

Give it a listen below and be sure to follow Dave Neabore on Instagram @dogeatdave!


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