[Podcast] Artist Patricio Carbajal Talks Eibon Press, the Horror Community and More

Patricio Carbajal Ellissinema Podcast Eibon Press

The stunning artwork of Patricio Carbajal can be seen in issues of Eibon Press' Maniac, Bottomfeeder, Lucio Fulci's Zombie, etc., and in the most recent, historical episode of Ellissinema Podcast, Carbajal discusses his history with the specialty comic book company, his love for the horror community, some of his favorite films and more.

Patricio just wrapped up The Beyond comic series (with Issue #4 on sale this Friday, July 31st at EibonPress.com) and he is currently inking the first few pages of Eibon's Maniac sequel story, which is slated to release this Halloween!

With this episode, Ellisinema completes the "Eibon" set, having previously hosted owner/operator Shawn Lewis, writer Stephen Romano and composer Dave Neadore on the show. In fact, this is the first time Mr. Carbajal has ever been featured on a podcast, a real treat for fans of Eibon Press! Check it out below.